T:\NBBCdocs\Performance Management Framework Sept. 2019.pdfThe purpose of the performance management framework is to improve performance across the Council and service delivery for the communities of Nuneaton and Bedworth.  An effective approach to performance management requires:<br><br>clear organisational vision, plans and priorities; <br>organisational values;<br>customer-focused objectives;<br>regular performance review; and<br>performance-related appraisals. <br><br>Some key elements of performance improvement include target setting, process benchmarking and regular and systematic assessment and review. The monitoring of performance against the priorities and targets, where possible, need to be on a monthly basis to identify any remedial action that needs to be taken to ensure that targets are achieved.<br><br>The Council's performance management framework is reviewed regularly to reflect changes and improvements.<br>Person "Administrator"Published onUser Screen "Our Performance"User Screen "Our Performance"Performance Management FrameworkPicture showing Z:\NBBC-logo-09_ASSET_WEB.gifFriday, 24th December 2021User Screen "Introduction & Framework"User Screen "Strategic Risk Register"User Screen "Delivering Our Future (DOF) Delivery Plan"User Screen "Indicators On/Above Target"User Screen "Indicators Below Target"