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The Corporate Plan 2007 - 2021
Welcome to the Council's Corporate Plan.

The Plan and its Background Report set out how the Council's services and activities will support the vision, priorities and targets in the Community Plan 'Shaping Our Future' 2007-2021.  It will also confirm the actions to achieve the outcomes in the Warwickshire Local Area Agreement (LAA).  This agreement is between central government and the councils and other public agencies providing services in Warwickshire.  The agreement is based on a set of outcomes covering local and national priorities on social, economic and environmental issues affecting the quality of life in Warwickshire.

The Background Report gives details on the character of the Borough, and the relationship of the Plan to the Community Plan and LAA.  It gives background to the Aims and Priorities set out in this Plan and the broad areas of action to achieve those priorities.  It identifies the plans which will help deliver the Plan, the lead officers and partners involved in that delivery and the performance indicators to monitor progress.

The Corporate Plan is part of the Council's Strategic Planning Framework, which shows a hierarchy of long-term, medium-term and annual delivery plans and enables an individual to understand how their work contributes to the achievement of the vision, aims and priorities of the Plan through this framework.

Under each priority, a key 2021 target is given.  These will be developed over the period of the Plan.  This is not a Plan which is set in stone over its plan period, but will be monitored and reviewed to ensure it is kept up-to-date and effective.

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